Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1

Happy 2012!!
Let the photo challenge begin!!
I'm going to try my very best to take, edit, and post a photo here each day for the whole year of 2012.
I know that there's going to be some fun and exciting pictures as our family goes different places this year, but there's also going to be some pretty boring ones on those days where I just need to take a quick picture of something in my house to get it done. ;) But bear with me, and hopefully you will be seeing some neat things. :)
So to start off the challenge in 2012, here's a picture of 2012.

There will be a good mix of posed pictures and candid shots from events that take place in my life.
Thanks for reading this first of many posts to come! :)
Happy New Year!



  1. Cain't wait to see them all :)

  2. exited for the challenge. =) The beginning of a new year! I followed. And maybe you'll visit someday.